It all starts with data

Data is one of your most valuable assets, and you need an accurate and complete view of your customers at all times to influence behavior and drive service efficiencies. We design flexible services around your needs to make that happen.

We are data experts and offer flexible services for every business need. Access to accurate, clean, and secure data, empowers organizational knowledge, innovation, and growth. You want a partner who takes the time to understand your business and the critical role that data plays in your success.

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Database Solutions

We provide flexible platforms and services that include design, development, and applications for capturing, warehousing, cleansing and maintaining data.
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Data flows from many sources: sales, marketing, website, social media, survey, mobile and customer care feedback. If you capture and store your data in disparate systems, we can consolidate, clean and organize it into a complete 360° view of your customer for better engagement, analytics, and marketing communications. We are experts at helping our clients pull actionable data from their systems.
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Hygiene & Management

Databases need constant attention. Accentf(x)’s data management processes optimize the value of your customer data through hygiene, data appends, and deduplication services. We can fill the gaps in your data by appending customer records with relevant contact and marketing details, sales and other data to improve profiling, analytics, lead generation, and direct marketing campaigns.
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Quality and Security

Companies rely on accurate information and data transparency to drive results. Our attention to detail and robust security gives our clients confidence that their data is accurate, always secure and accessible to drive the important decisions that impact their business.
Data Process - Validate files and data, cleanse data, match, perform survivorship, assign keys, and enrich data