Improve Marketing Operations

AMP was created to automate and simplify the collection, cleansing and data consolidating process for our clients and bring them closer together with consumer, product, contract and analytic data to create intelligent marketing campaigns and improve marketing operations.

The AMP platform is based on state-of-the-art Customer Data Integration (CDI) processes that assign and manage unique identifiers for individuals, households, products and services and other key data that is relevant for marketing and contact management.AMP is highly configurable, scalable and provides a secure foundation for a fully-integrated view across multiple functions.

an image depicting various digital storage methods

Efficient systems integration with legacy databases

a depiction of a blueprint of a gear including a pencil and a square

Loading, cleansing, incubating leads

a computer screen with bar graphs with a flag sticking out of the top

Advanced analytics and modeling

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Executing multi-channel marketing campaigns

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Capturing response and performance metrics through mail, phone and web channels

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Processing sales and distributing funds

a depiction of a tablet with graphs on it and a phone with a monetary transaction on it

Creating in-depth marketing and financial reports

an image depicting the accent platform in a circular manner - lead management, campaign management, response management, business intelligence, data analytics, system integration