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The Maytag Corporation is an American home and commercial appliance brand owned by the Whirlpool Corporation and has been synonymous with dependability and durability for more than a century.

AccentFX had effectively supported Maytag’s aftermarket Extended Service Plan marketing for many years and was actively working to identify areas of additional growth for the program. As with most mature programs, significant growth opportunities require adding/expanding lead sources or increasing under-utilized sales channels. Through an assessment of customer touchpoints, we realized that Maytag’s service and field technicians were not actively engaged in selling or promoting Extended Service Plans. An effective channel did not exist to adequately communicate, educate or motivate them to support ESP programs. Additionally, they could not track and monitor their sales efforts, performance and commissions.


Maytag needed a branded online solution to meet their internal sales performance communication objectives and support effective sales tracking at a technician level. The system had to be secure, convenient and accessible 24/7/365 for all levels of associates across the country.


Accentf(x) Marketing designed and hosted a customized online sales and marketing portal to engage, motivate and track technician sales of extended service plans. The portal – TechLink, was created to connect multiple departments and functions within the organization conveniently. Sales, marketing, administration and training, were all linked into one unified, highly functioning communication and sales tracking tool.


Sales through the technician channel increased >200%. As activation, compliance and acceptance grew within the organization, TechLink increasingly became a vital part of the Extended Service Plan Sales efforts.

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