GE Appliances

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GE Appliances, a Haier company, is one of the largest appliance manufacturers in the US. Based in Louisville, KY, GE employs over 12,000 people who design, build and service energy-efficient home appliances.

Data was thoughtfully being collected through different consumer, product, manufacturing, distribution, sales and service functions, but it was housed and maintained in separate legacy systems with no easy access to aggregate or compile data. GE wanted to better understand product ownership and lifecycle insights across the different systems to create more meaningful and targeted marketing campaigns to better engage their owners and deepen their relationship with the brand.


GE needed single source access to their customer records that would provide accurate, clean, de-duplicated identity, product and purchase history. Having accurate data regarding product manufacturing, distribution, ownership, service and marketing history is critical for supporting effective customer engagement. Adding enhanced demographic and lifestyle information would support building optimized predictive response models for communications and direct selling product accessories and consumables.


Accentf(x) Marketing designed a customized marketing database with robust cleansing, reporting and campaign management tools to provide GE teams access and a 360-degree view of over 90MM consumers, their products, and associated service records.


More effective personalization, improved owner care experience, and more than a 50% increase in marketing efficiency through improved targeting and product bundling.