Customized Database Solution for GE Appliances

GE wanted to determine product ownership and lifecycle insights across the different systems to create more meaningful and targeted marketing campaigns to better engage consumers and deepen their relationship with the brand.

Expanding Sales Channels through a Customized Web Portal Solution

Maytag needed a branded online solution to meet their internal sales performance communication objectives. The system had to be secure, convenient and accessible 24/7/365 for all levels of associates across the country.

Leveraging Variable Data Provides Personalization that Improves Response Rates

Always seeking ways to improve performance, the Panasonic team wanted to more efficiently use customer data, insights and analytics to grow consumer engagement and drive conversion rates for their Extended Warranty Plan marketing program.

Marketing Program Optimization

Program Optimization focus drives improved program performance and profitability

Analytics & Testing

Applying more robust analytics, profiling and predictive modeling would enable the marketing team to target and reach customers most likely to respond and transact using specific messages and offers through more appropriate channels of communication.

Optimizing Marketing Channel Integration Through Testing

Adding a new channel can mean increased benefit, but testing is the only way to optimize performance without risk to profitability and engagement.

Optimizing Program Performance and Profitability

Program Optimization focus drives improved program performance and profitability